Decentralized Ecological Economy Platform

Eco-friendly Coin, focusing on stability and steady growth. Supported by real environmental businesses and indirect assets
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XELS is a platform aimed at counteracting the effects of global warming. By leverage blockchain technology we are able to create a powerful offset token that will embed environmentally & socially positive impacts into every transaction.

- Takeshi Nojima, Founder


If the concentration of CO2 reaches a level of over 450 PPM, the average temperature of the planet will increase by 2 degrees. Cumulative carbon emissions to date are about 500 gigatonnes, and the rate of global emissions is increasing. This affects various areas and industries, endangering life as we know it.


200-400% increases in the area burned by wildfire in parts of the Western United States alone.


5-15% reduced yield of US corn, African corn, and Indian wheat per degree.

ICE Caps Melting

Annual average extent of Arctic sea ice is reduced by about 15% per degree of warming.

Sea Levels Rising

These factors could lead to an estimated 0.5-1.0 meter (20-39 inches) of mean sea-level rise by 2100, depending on the model and scenario.


The temperature increase with 1 to 3 degrees will endanger the extinction of more than 30% of wild-lives such as polar bear; the increase with more than 4 degrees is said to endanger the more than 40%.

On a scientific and aggregate level, the feasibility of control, techniques must be explored. But there must also be a way to decentralize the controls so that nations, producers, and consumers have proper incentives to implement the control strategy on an individual level.

- William D. Nordhaus, October 1, 1976
Photo: BBVA Foundation

Solution - Problem-solving with XELS Coin


Further R&D of elesol®

Elesol® is a Japan-made electromagnetic attenuation plate which prevents energy loss. By simply taping to the breaker system of a facility, it can reduce up to 20% of your electricity bill (see elesol-inc.com). Our R&D focuses on improving the product quality by investing in research on materials, material ratio, installation methods.

Global Expansion of elesol®

As of 2018, xels.io is an official partner of elesol inc. , obtaining the sales rights of elesol® in most international markets. The product has obtained certifications such as CE & RoHS (EU) or SASO (Saudi Arabia), which make it exportable from Japan. We plan to apply for certifications of other countries as well.

Public Awareness Campaigns

Raising awareness about CO2 reduction, the advantages of elesol® and the potential dangers we are facing on a global, environmental level. This will be done via social media, newspapers and magazines, exhibitions and conferences, as well as TV channels.

Promotion of Carbon Offset & Establishment of the Trade Platform

We will provide a carbon dioxide trade platform with the medium of XELS Coin to achieve efficient global CO2 reduction. This system will provide an economical effect on carbon reduction, the carbon dioxide capture and reserves, incentivizing its participants.

R&D of Next Generation Technologies

We plan to contribute to a technological innovation, which will revolutionize the global energy market. We will invest in researchers & research institutions, contributing to the completion of new innovations in the energy field. At the moment, we are collecting information about labs and professors who are developing cutting-edge technologies.

Creation of A Green Economy

We will enable electricity bill payments through the XELS Coin in countries, which have a liberated energy market. Furthermore, we will create a platform, on which the coin-holders can purchase energy conservation products via the coin. The community will rate various eco-friendly products, of which the best will be offered on our platform.


We will donate a part of the commission fees obtained from XELS Coin and the circulation of elesol® in NPOs, which engage in environmental protection. Our international management team will decide via a voting system, whether the donation will be made and what the amount of the donation will be. With us, nature comes first.



We will first sell Tokens, which can be traded after March, 2019 against XELS by a rate of 1:1
  • Maximum issue amount of Token sales: 831,000,000 SELS + 240,550,000BELS
  • Minimum purchase unit: 1,000 SELS
  • SELS token and BELS will be changed to XELS after the coin sales period
Planned schedule for SELS exchange: from March 1, 2019 and for BELS exchange: by the end of the year of 2019.
XELS will be in circulation on the exchange market.

Breakdown of Coin Issue

PR marketing,
(coin), 8.01%
Elesol team,
Token for
sale, 44.40%

Scheduled Budgetary Allocation

Certificate, 5%
Coin PF
Dev., 10%
Invest to new
env., 10%
PR, Marketing
Server, identity
Global sales,


  • 2017


    Begins the preparation for XELS Coin issuance to accelerate overseas expansion of elesol®

  • 2018


    Designs and develops XELS Coin; starts the whitepaper formation.

  • 2018


    Begins selling XELS Sales Token (SELS).

    Starts the mutual communication platform.

  • 2018


    Launch the exchange platform of XELS Sales tokens (SELS) to XELS Coins.

    Announces the prize-winner of the Eco tour.

  • 2019


    Schedules to list XELS Coin exchange.

    Invests into R&D for the next generation ecological technologies.

  • 2019


    Activates ecological products and donation activities through the communication platform.

    Begins the exchange XELS Bonus tokens (BELS) to XELS Coins.

  • 2019


    Begins the platform for emission credit.

    Advancing into a decentralized system for coin distribution.

    In order to manage the rights over the coins, a foundation will be established (preparation phase).

  • .
  • .
  • 2030


    All remuneration for XELS miners is to be reward from commission fee.

    Update XELS Coin.

    Deadline of carbon emission reduction.


Dr. Takaaki Manaka
Dr. of Engineering, Professor
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Philip York
Chief Executive Officer
Dima Zaitsev
Head of International PR
Sergey Zarubin
Global Business
Anton Dzyatkovskiy
Chief Executive Officer
Platinum Company LTD & MicroMoney


Takeshi Nojima
Mohammed AL Mohssen
Keisuke Nanri
Yoshiteru Tajima
GM International Division
Kishor Datta Gupta
Chief Technical Officer
Shuko Iidoyo
Mohd Ariful Haque
Senior Software Engineer
Abdur Rahman
Lead Engineer
Sabbir Hossain Rupom
Senior Software Engineer
Sumaia Jahan Brinti
Senior Software Engineer
Rushaed Tomal
Concept Artist
Seiichi Shigihara
Mitchell Hammer
Community Manager
Emrul Aktar Chowdhury
Software Engineer
Md. Abu Bakker Siddique
Software Engineer


Private Sale Announcement

Thank you all for your continued support in the XELS project. February 28, 2019 is the final date of the extended private sales.

We will start to swap over to the ETH side-chain tokens (SELS) in a couple of weeks. Following that we will launch our main-chain in March.

We are currently considering to change some specification of the XELS main-chain. They are as follows;

  1. The number of initial coins generated: Will be announced shortly.
  2. Block speed: 2 to10 sec. from 150sec.

This is possible through the implementation of our Lightning transaction system.

Thank you
Xels Team