Redshaw are delighted to have been given the opportunity to advise, consult, and procure for XELS across carbon markets - compliance and voluntary - and renewable energy.

Bill Goldie

Head of Voluntary Market at Redshaw Advisors

Redshaw Advisors 

By working with Redshaw Advisors, XELS will be able to ensure the legitimacy of each credit it tokenizes, while also providing an additional record of the credit's retirement in the Redshaw Advisors' registry account. Upon retirement, Redshaw Advisors will also issue certificates that XELS' clients can use to show the exact amount of CO2 they've neutralized.

Climate Chain Coalition

XELS is a proud member of the Climate Chain Coalition, a consortium of multinational organizations working together to end global warming.

Albo Climate

The key to unlock the carbon credit markets and have a significant impact on climate change is to bring cutting edge technologies. This is the right combination Albo and XELS are bringing. Together, we are combining Albo's ultra-accurate and transparent AI quantification of CO2 sequestration, with XELS secure block-chain-powered carbon credits trading.

Social Impact Lab Japan

Social Impact Lab Japan, backed by global leaders, is enabling co-creation and collaboration to generate sustainable business for a better world.

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