XELS-Elesol Partnership

XELS has partnered with Elesol Inc., a Japanese technology company that has created and currently sells an innovative electromagnetic harmonic attenuation plate for commercial clients that prevent energy loss by reducing the amount of “noise” in the electrical current and reduces electricity fees by up to 20%.
Elesol will take part in the XELS initiative to and use this opportunity to increase its total addressable market by penetrating the blockchain ecosystems users and opening sales opportunities to further increase awareness and Elesol plate usage. In a quid-pro-quo manner, XELS will be using the Elesol’s current market reach to help drive adoption of XELS native token and raise awareness of the current initiatives that XELS plans to release.
What is Elesol?
  • Name: Elesol Inc.
  • Headquarters: Yushin Bld. Annex 9F, 3-27-11 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, 150-0002, Tokyo
  • Phone number: +81-3-6855-7825
  • Date of establishment: March 9, 2015
  • Total number of Elesol Plate Installations 134,419 pieces (As of September 2018)
Elesol Technology
Elesol’s technology attenuates the amount of harmonic and electromagnetic fluctuations in electrical currents that are originated within transmission lines and breaker boxes. The presence of harmonics in electrical systems means that current and voltage are distorted and deviate from sinusoidal waveforms incurring in extra energy costs. As pictured below, more than one plate may be placed on a breaker at a time to promote attenuation of harmonics and electromagnetic fluctuations.
Elesol Energy Consultancy
On top of innovative Japanese technology Elesol’s energy consulting experts combine long-term management and consulting experience offering practical support and leverage in-house private companies in strategic issues related to the energy world solving a variety of issues by choosing the appropriate approach for each project. Typical assignments include corporate energy and energy market strategies as well as feasibility and due diligence studies.
Partnership Five Priority Work Areas
We have set out five recommended priority areas for the partnership to address further. These are opportunities for aligning approaches and collaborating on shared solutions to achieve the most significant positive impact. Although the areas highlighted will be familiar to some, the intended focus is different from other activities already planned or underway individually by each company due to the unique attention given to broad engagement across the public and private sectors as the basis for determining solutions and pathways to address both companies’ challenges. The five recommended areas of work comprise one focused on ‘process’ (build the community), and four focused on ‘content’ (narrative, harmonization, data and case studies).
The picture below shows how they interconnect, and in particular, how ‘build the community’ encompasses all four content-related work areas. How the work areas are to be undertaken, and by whom, is not the focus of this paper, although relevant links to existing initiatives are covered. An initial investigation period will be required to take stock of the current state of play within all five priority areas across both companies. This should then guide the design of a subsequent, more comprehensive work program creating a set of crucial outputs. As the final intended outcome is for broadly understood and coordinated natural capital approaches drive more efficient and effective decision-making in both businesses.