XELS Exchange

Limiting global temperature rise and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a global mission that requires finance to shift to clean and sustainable infrastructure. But, while the capital is available, not enough of it is flowing in the right direction. Creating a pipeline of bankable investment opportunities, financial vehicles that pool funds for impact investments, and platforms where stakeholders can exchange solutions for positive impact can make the difference.
XELS Exchange is a blockchain based exchange service delivering easy to use tools to enable investments and fair trade. It will focus mainly on providing integrated blockchain solutions and trade tools to the market such as:
  • Carbon Offsets, Reforestation Credits and Renewable Energy Certificates trading
  • Purchase of XELS, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using FIAT currencies
  • Transfer of funds instantly with minimal fees
  • Technical Analysis Tools
General Approach, Principles, and References
The XELS Exchange strives to develop security protocols that are “standardized” in nature, meaning they apply standardized factors and eligibility rules to the extent possible while maintaining sufficient rigor and accuracy. In addition, the form and content of XELS protocols follow internationally established accounting principles and standards.
Natural Capital
Natural Capital is any stock or flow of energy and material that produces goods and services, and it includes:
  • Resources - renewable and non-renewable materials
  • Sinks - that absorb, neutralize or recycle wastes
  • Processes - such as climate regulation
Decision-makers in both the public and private sphere have a common vision of nature as a capital asset that needs to be assessed and integrated into decision making.
XELS is creating a tokenized marketplace for natural capital assets by tokenizing Carbon, RECs, and REED+ credits into fungible assets that have liquidity on an enterprise-grade platform.
Simple Transactions
XELS platform will allow individuals or companies to simply make a quick bank transfer using their preferred banking app and instantly received digital funds to purchase cryptocurrency of their choice. All transactions will occur instantaneously, and fees will be nominal. The aim is to emulate larger listing platforms and provide the trade BTC, XELS, and USD at the most cost-effective price.
Cross-border Remittance Solution
A secondary unit of the platform would be the remittance platform which would use its individual app. All transactions would occur on the XELS blockchain network using the native Coin. The eventual target of this is to allow for the ubiquitous use of cryptocurrency in all manner of online financial transactions from retail to banking. In order to ensure the platform maintains its user base and also promotes active usage. Technical analysis tools will be used along with helpful guidance and customer support enabling the platform’s users to learn as they trade in this new industry.